The English-language program for intenrnational students who wish to pursue part-time doctoral studies (PhD) was built in response to those interested in completing a PhD abroad without leaving their countries or disrupting their regular lifestyle – career and family.

Advantages of the study program – The experience and insight of AMUand PUEB‘s senior faculty members in creating international study programs facilitated the establishment of this doctoral program for international students, which takes their specific needs into consideration.

  • Personal supervisors – the personal supervisors are professors in the universities, most of them taught at leading academic institutions in Western Europe and the United States, and held senior positions as managers and advisors to companies and large corporations.
  • Publication of articles in journals – during their studies, students are given the opportunity to publish their articles relating to their doctoral work in journals with guidance and support provided by their PUEB and AMU professor advisor.
  • PhD Topics –PUEB and AMU offer a wide range of PhD specializations to choose from, receiving personalized one-on-one guidance from senior professors specifically allocated to international students for this program. This combination allows the students to choose the most suitable research topic.

The program structure – The study program was built modularly, step-by-step, in such a way that from the early stages, students are exposed to the appropriate learning path and the various milestones they have to pass along the way. They are therefore able to plan their schedules and make the necessary progress in every stage of their studies and dissertation, culminating in the successful completion of their doctoral degrees at the end of three years.

The structure of the program and the various stages are predefined, students who find that the combination of studies and career requires a slower rate of advancement, may spread their studies over a longer period of time.

Your degree on your terms

Personal supervisors
 –  AMU and PUEB‘s senior academic staff accompanies the students along their entire learning path. Dozens of senior professors are responsible for supervising the international doctoral students, in accordance with the dissertation topic

The relationship between student and supervisor commences immediately following the research proposal is approved, and continues along the entire path via face-to-face meetings, e-mail, Skype, and any other means of communications that suits both parties.


Part-time studies permit quality learning that is unhindered by physical distance

Study workshops
 – doctoral studies include three workshops that take place once a year in the university. The duration of each workshop is one week. Various subjects required to progress doctoral research are reviewed in a rigorous and focused manner in each workshop, such as research, writing, and preparation for defense of the dissertation.

The workshops afford an excellent opportunity for personal meetings with the doctoral supervisors. In addition, they enable students to meet other students who are studying in the same program as well as local and foreign students who are studying in international programs.

Such meetings can lead to an exchange of ideas, brainstorming, and the enrichment of the student’s content world. It also establishes contacts with academic staff and students – contacts that can lead to future combined international research and business opportunities.

The program timeline is as follows:

  • First year: the workshop deals with PhD topics:
    the methodological fundamentals of scientific research, research design and methods, and methods of conducting research.
  • Second year: the workshop focuses in greater depth on the research methodology:
    qualitative and quantitative research methods.
  • Third year: the workshop focus on academic writing:
    writing a PhD dissertation as well as articles for journals.

Fulfill a lifelong goal– make your own contribution to the world of research. Acquire the confidence to teach, publish, consult, and lead.

The English doctoral program for international students, is designed to help students aspire to and reach the highest level of achievements

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