The conditions of acceptance for the doctoral program at PUEB  and AMU include proof of a Master’s degree from a recognized university, a résumé (CV) and a list of publications (if any). In addition, a letter of recommendation from someone who can attest to the candidate’s academic ability is required.

The doctoral program at AMU and PUEB was built with the purpose of enabling the students to comfortably combine both studies and career.

The amount of time devoted to studying depends on the background and availability of the individual student and therefore varies. For example, it can be assumed that students who are employed in educational frameworks (schools/academia) will spend a great deal of time on their research work during the summer months.  


The concept of part-time studies refers to a learning system in which the studies take place at the university as well as from a distance. The students participate in workshops abroad where they are taught essential subjects for doctoral research.

In addition, most of the doctoral work – research, writing, reading and contact with the supervisor – take place extramurally at each student’s convenience by utilizing means such as Skype, conference calls, electronic libraries, etc. Nowadays, part-time studies are very popular worldwide since they enable the students to realize aspirations that are impossible to realize in the traditional learning system.

PUEB and AMU built the doctoral program for International students in a manner that allows them to complete their studies in three years. However, the program is flexible and students can therefore spread their studies over a longer period of time as long as they satisfy the requirements of the university’s academic staff and their personal supervisors relating to their studies, and are capable of demonstrating progress.

The study program includes three workshops (at no extra cost) – one workshop per year of study, starting from the first year. While it is mandatory for the students to attend the first workshop, it is highly recommended that they participate in all the annual workshops since the aim of the workshops is to expose them to contents that are essential to their studies and help them progress towards completing their degrees.

Participation in the workshops allows an opportunity to conduct face-to-face meetings with their personal supervisors and senior academic staff.

Participation in the workshops is extremely important as it fosters personal contacts, which contribute to the development and enrichment of the students’ thinking and motivates joint brainstorming.

Furthermore, the workshops promote encounters with other students studying in the program and with students who are researching similar or different topics, and are grappling with similar questions. Participation in the workshops is a unique experience, which remains with the students for many years after.

While AMU and PUEB’s degrees are recognized everywhere, according to the Israeli Ministry of Education, graduates who hold degrees from abroad (from any university) can apply for recognition through a committee for foreign degrees. The committee’s authorization is for salary evaluation purposes only.

and AMU appear on UNESCO’s list of approved universities.

PUEB and AMU offer over dozens of  PhD specializations to choose from, receiving personalized one-on-one guidance from senior professors specifically allocated to students for this program. Students can decide to conduct research in any fleild related to each of these specializations, therefore offering a vast selection of research opportunities to specialize in.


Higher Studies represents AMU and PUEB’s exclusivety in Israel. Higher Studies supports the students throughout their entire study program in the international program, from registration, throughout their studies, all the way through to their graduation ceremony. Higher Studies believes that their full support is of immense importance in ensuring students have a smooth study program throughout their studies, especially when questions arise.

PUEB and AMU provide an impressive selection of well-respected senior professors to serve as personal supervisors of students in the program.

The universitiies’ senior academic staff accompanies the student along their entire learning path. Most of these professors taught at leading academic institutions in Western Europe and the United States, and held senior positions as managers and advisors to companies and large corporations.

The supervisors also have extensive experience in the “real world” of politics and business.

The relationship between student and supervisor commences immediately following the research proposal is approved, and continues along the entire path via face-to-face meeting, e-mail, Skype, and any other means of communications that suits both parties.