About Poznan University of Medical Sciences

Poznan University of Medical Sciences is named after a Poznan physician, patriot and philanthropist of the 19th century but there has been a tradition of higher learning here going back more than 400 years. However Poznan University was only founded in 1919.

The Poznan University of Medical Sciences (PUMS) is one of the best and largest medical universities in Poland, with over 96 years of sound academic experience and a great growth momentum. Our University is a leading medical school in Poland and is currently recognized as the largest educational, research, and clinical center in Poland (according to the rankings of “Perspektywy”,”Rzeczpospolita”, and “Wprost”).

PUMS offers the highest number of specialties for students to choose from, and the research and clinical teaching is conducted here in close partnership with six clinical hospitals. In the academic year 2016/17, there are over 8000 enrolled students in the University, including more than 1,000 international students. Its academic personnel is comprised of over 1,000 faculty members and teaching staff employed in Medical Faculty I, Medical Faculty II, Faculty of Pharmacy, and Faculty of Health Sciences. Most of the teaching staff are medical practitioners and doctors of medicine; around a hundred represent different scientific disciplines; and nearly a hundred are doctors of dentistry.

One of the top priorities for the continued growth of the University is the expansion of the various forms of collaboration in the areas of teaching and research. The Poznan University of Medical Sciencesmaintains and develops various forms of cooperation with foreign research centers and universities worldwide through: joint research, participation in international programs and research projects; joint publications and participation in scientific conferences; as well as through numerous student and faculty exchanges. To this date, the University has entered into more than 100 long-term partnership agreements with medical universities and research centers worldwide.


Over the years, members of the PUMS faculty and research staff have been receiving prestigious awards and wide recognition for the excellent quality of their work, research, and teaching, and some have been sought after by the world’s advanced medical centers. For example, in 2008 Dr. Maria Siemionow, a PUMS graduate and professor of surgery, has been responsible for leading the landmark face transplantation surgery at the Cleveland Clinic in the U.S.A.

Prof. Maria Siemionow Doctor Honoris Causa

The University continually develops and upgrades its teaching methods investing in highly specialized equipment and facilities in order to reflect the current advances in medical technology.

Poznan University of Medical Sciences facilitates PhD studies, in the university’s international program in English, in the faculties of Medicine, Health Sciences and in the faculty of Pharmacy.