About Poznan University of Economics (PEUB)

Poznan University of Economics and Business (PUEB) was established in 1926 in the western part of Poland. Today it is one of Poland’s oldest and most prestigious universities. It is known for its reputation of high academic standards, modern infrastructures, innovative learning methods, academic research, and international partnerships with large corporations and other leading universities in the world.

In accordance with the Bologna Convention and the stringent educational principles of the European Union, PUEB underwent an impressive surge of development, surpassing the educational requirements of the EU countries.

PUEB has over 11,000 students working towards one of three academic degrees (Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD), and is considered a leading center of learning for training business leaders, skilled managers, and managerial people who possess knowledge that conforms with the European Community’s requirements.

University Ranking

PUEB’s ranking is indicative of its first-class achievements with regards to educational standards, the evaluation of the academic faculty, and the graduates’ desirability in the labor market. PUEB belongs to the highest league of the academic institutions that train senior managers and business decision makers, and is ranked second academically in comparison to all the academic institutions in Poland.

PUEB’s strength lies in its modern, comprehensive teaching methods, which surpasses European standards as well as the requirements of a global labor market. The university’s reputation has been reinforced by the certificates and accreditations it has been awarded (e.g., EPOQS, the ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate, and positive evaluation by the state accreditation commission). PUE’s various faculties offer over 50 doctorial specializations.

PUEB’s educational philosophy

PUEB’s mission is to preserve the highest possible standards of theoretical and practical education in its various fields of study. The curricula offered surpass European standards of economics education and are based on international models of managerial training.

The university vigorously prepares students for the challenges of dynamic market conditions. PUEB’s ability to adapt the curricula to the educational models employed in Western universities as well as the latest business world trends enables the students to function optimally in the complex world of business and education in the 21st century.

Research and advisory activity

As a major academic research center, PUEB enjoys the reputation of being a specialized center for applied research as well as expert analysis and consulting services, which the university provides to business clients as well as to the national government institutions.

PUEB places a great deal of emphasis on research projects associated with EU programs. Thanks to the interdisciplinary nature of some of the projects, they are carried out within the framework of inter-university cooperation.

Academic staff

A great deal of PUEB’s strengths resides in its high-level academic staff, more than 600 lecturers, including nearly 130 professors, and well-developed infrastructure. The lecturers possess profound academic knowledge and expert pedagogical skills.

An impressive percentage of the lecturers are prominent figures in the worlds of academia and business – many of them are part of respected expert committees, participate in research and expert analysis projects, and advice business entities and government agencies.

PUEB’s academic staff research accomplishments and publications have made an important contribution to in many fields and many of PUEB’s doctoral students have been awarded prestigious scholarships for study and research abroad.

International education and research diversity

PUEB strong emphasis on the subjects relating to international education and research means it is constantly increasing the number of international research projects as well as the list of specializations studied in foreign languages.

The university offers Doctoral Programs in English in addition to MBA programs that are taught in cooperation with prestigious universities in the USA, Britain, France, and Germany. The fact that the university has adopted the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) has facilitated the creation of international study programs, thereby bringing about the development of the unique English doctoral program for Israeli students.

Business orientation

PUEB’s study programs prepare its students for the complexity of the contemporary labor market. The students obtain an academic education combined with the professional competence required of managers in the working world. Consequently, the university offers unique subjects that are taught by experts from the business world, managers from the leading companies in the market, and professors from foreign universities.

University infrastructure

PUEB is empowered with modern state-of-the-art equipment for the benefit of lecturers and students alike. The university library contains in excess of 400,000 books, journals, and special collections in a variety of languages.

Students have access to the library’s virtual databases, enabling them to make use of PUEB’s high-quality academic resources from all over the world whenever it is convenient for them. The university’s publishing house focuses on research and academic publications.

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